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Digital banking


"Internet-Banking” service for corporate clients is an integrated system of remote banking services. 


Time saving

There is no need to visit the bank, stand in lines and spend your time on the road - you can conduct banking transactions without leaving home


You can work with the Internet Banking system from any place where you have access to the Internet, 24 hours a day, seven days a week


It's very easy to use the Internet Banking service due to the convenient and easy interface design. Transactions can be done within minutes.


Review of statements, balances and turnover on card accounts and other information services

Perform payments in national and foreign currencies;

Form orders for the purchase, sale and currency convertation ;

Create payroll lists and make payments on them;

Work with several enterprises simultaneously (see below the Center for Financial Control);

Integrate into 1C-Enterprise;

Support the directory of correspondents;

Export and import data.

Security level

The system provides a high level of security due to the use of an encrypted connection with the bank, the use of one-time passwords to enter the system and the use of electronic digital signatures (EDS) to sign the customer's payment documents. One-time passwords for logging into the system can be obtained not only by SMS or using a mobile application Google Authenticator, but also using generators of one-time passwords - OTP tokens. To improve the level of security, customers can use the hardware to store EDS - USB tokens. To restrict access to the Internet Banking system from certain computers, customers can use the IP filtering mechanism.

Additional information about the “Internet banking” service, the mechanics of working in the system and the security level can be obtained in bank’s directory inquiry service by phone
(within Ukraine - for free)

System requirements

11.0 and higher
15.0 and higher
15.0 and higher
29.0 and higher
6.0 and higher

Additional options

Financial Control Center - allows you to work simultaneously with several client enterprises in one Internet Banking application. FCC allows you to monitor the accounts of these enterprises and generate payment documents on them.

Salary documents - this option allows customers to generate electronic payrolls for their employees, send them to the bank to enroll payroll and other enrollments, and automatically create payment documents on the basis of payroll statements to transfer to the bank the total amount of bank transfers and commission .

1C: Accounting - allows you to integrate into the application 1C-Enterprise the functions of generating hryvna payment documents and viewing bank statements of the company, thus working with payment documents and statements directly from the program 1C. Internet Banking module iBank 2 UA for 1C: The enterprise is compatible with the configuration "1C: Accounting 8 for Ukraine", version 1.2. To work with the module, you need USB tokens (working with EDS stored in files is not supported).

Registration of the service

The Internet Banking service, additional options and additional security facilities can be issued at the nearest branches of the bank. Before registering the service, you must perform an independent registration in the Internet Banking system. You can find out the description of the registration procedure in the instructions Registration and work in the Internet Banking system (see below).

In order to use the Internet Banking service it is necessary to be a client of PJSC "MTB BANK" - to have an open current account.


Write to us if you can not find the answer to your question. The bank specialists will provide you with full information during the working day

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