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Rating Agency "Credit-rating"

Credit-Rating agency is the first agency in Ukraine (since 2001) specializing at ratings and rendering services in the area of the independent evaluation and credit ratings awards by the National rating scale as well as at determining the reliability ratings of the bank deposits.

Since 2003 the ratings of the agency have been officially accepted by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

The rating agency "Credit-Rating" is an independent private company, in whose ownership structure there are no government agencies, financial institutions or investment companies. To ensure an objective assessment, the agency is not a member of the financial market and does not act as a lender of rated companies.

Ratings assigned by the agency are reviewed on a regular basis. Information on all ratings assigned by Credit-Rating Agency in REUTERS, BLOOMBERG, S & P Capital IQ and TRData information systems.

By the decision of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission of April 10, 2012, the Credit-Rating Agency issued a certificate of inclusion in the State Register of authorized rating agencies.