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Increase your crop using new opportunities

Up to UAH 3,000,000 million at 0.1% from 1 to 6 months

Up to UAH 1 000 000 million without collateral

Having studied international and national experience in financing small and medium-sized agricultural producers, MTB BANK together with SBPM LLC implements an affiliate program that provides a simplified and standardized approach to financing agro-producers.

The affiliate program provides loyal conditions for the loan security.

The guarantee may be the guarantee of the owners, the future harvest on the financial agrarian receipt.

Main requirements for the borrower:

Package of documents for making a preliminary decision:

  1. A copy of the financial statements of forms 1 and 2 for the last four reporting periods

  (in the case of annual reporting); for the last two years and quarterly during the last four reporting periods (in the case of quarterly reporting);

  1. Kind of 29sg and 50sg for the last two reporting years;
  2. The invoice for the purchase of the SBPM LLC.

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