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Correspondent Accounts

MTB BANK developed beneficial conditions for servicing the accounts in national and foreign currencies. To choose a correspondent service, please turn to a consultant.

Types of correspondent accounts

Bank specialists open the following types of correspondent accounts:

  1. NOSTRO-account. The service means opening a correspondent account in foreign currency or hryvnias with other correspondent bank.
  2. LORO-account. In this case specialist of MTB BANK opens a correspondent account in the name of other correspondent bank in hryvnias or foreign currency.


Advantages of opening a correspondent account by the customer with MTB BANK:

Conditions of service provision 

Transactions related to debiting funds from LORO-account shall be conducted on the day of valuation, and crediting – on the day the funds arrived. The funds are credited onto NOSTRO-account and beneficiary’s account upon receipt of the statement of correspondent account via TELEX and SWIFT systems. An evidence of payment arrival via TELEX and SWIFT systems shall be sufficient for such transaction.

Correspondent accounts

Instructions for the transfer of funds in foreign currency:

For transfers in EUR

For transfers in USD

For transfers in RUB