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Fast Overdraft

Quick overdraft ensures continuous settlements with counterparties within the stipulated limit. For information on quick or regular overdrafts, contact a specialist or service representative.

Benefits of the Service 

Our bank offers various lines of credit, factoring, as well as quick overdraft. To get it, you must provide a minimum package of documents. Other benefits of the service:


The limit is set according to the amount of funds received in the current account. It should not be higher than 30% of monthly income and amounts to UAH 500 thousand.

  1. Term - 3 months (prolongation of not more than 12 months).
  2. The currency used is hryvnia.
  3. The procedure for repayment of interest - every month.
  4. The ability to choose a fee and interest rate.

A guarantee of the manager or one of the founders of the legal entity in Ukraine may be a security. For detailed overdraft information from MTB Bank, please contact a consultant.