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Credit Programme "First Voyage"

“MTB BANK” does its best to make such an important and complex event as the first voyage a pleasant experience for you. We offer loan programs both, for the experienced seafarers, students of the maritime educational institutions and for those, who are setting sail for the first time.

Credit Terms

We grant funds in the amount of up to UAH 50,000.00 for a period of up to 12 months. The money given out under a loan program is credited directly to the card account that shall first be opened with “MTB BANK”. An additional prerequisite is a Borrower’s life insurance.

Program Advantages

Intended purposefully for seafarers, this program provides customers with a possibility to cover all the expenses related to preparing for their first voyage. In addition, one will immediately open an account for getting salary and will be able to control it remotely from anywhere in the world through the Internet Banking or provide access to it to third parties by issuing a bank Power of Attorney.

Our bank also offers an advantageous deposit program designed specifically for seafarers.

List of Documents

The following documents are required:

Please, contact our managers to get a loan or find out about our other offers, for example, about a “Maritime VIP Card”.


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