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Get the payment card with the minimum amount of withdrawal limit of USD/EUR 30 at a action price! Receive salary on it and the opportunity to pay with it all over the world. Moreover, you can keep all your account statements in one place thanks to "SMS Banking" and "Email-Banking".


Package price - 0.68 UAH. in a day

Secure Internet payment service 3D Secure 

Payment chip card Visa Gold/MasterCard Debit class Gold 

Connecting the card to the GPay service the Visa and MasterCard payment system

Conversion 0% 

Free issue of an additional chip card Visa Gold / MasterCard class Gold 

Insurance of individuals traveling abroad from “Respect” Package (insurance coverage is EUR 30,000)

To apply for service package fill out an application and our officer will soon contact you


  • Fixing the withdrawal limit on the card for additional payment card holders.
  • Minimum amount of the withdrawal limit - USD/EUR 50.
  • Interest accrued on the account balance – 1%.
  • Minimum interest on currency conversion – 1%.
Required documents
  • Passport
  • The document on assignment of the taxpayer identification number.

Procedure of execution

Execute an application

Fill out an application

Make an arrangement with the manager

At the meeting discuss terms and conditions and execute the documents

Application for execution of services

After you have sent an application, a Bank officer will call you and inform you about the procedure of execution of the service in the Bank department