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MTB Office1

Electronic document management system

Use another opportunity for remote business communication

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MTB Office is an online system for external electronic document management and another opportunity for quick communication between the bank and the client. Time is the most important resource and we strive to use it rationally for the convenience of the client. Now you don’t need to go to a bank branch every time to exchange documents. All you need to do is use MTB Office and exchange documents in minutes.

MTB Office allows you to:

  • Form applications for services: opening a second current account, opening a corporate card account, connecting to the MTB Business Internet banking system

    • Receive certificates with CEP and Electronic Seal of the bank: about opening an account, about closing an account, about the balance as of the date, about debt on loans and interest

    • Send documents to the bank: for credit transactions, foreign economic activities, guarantees, etc.

    • Receive documents from the bank: for signing the Agreement / Application for placement of deposits (deposits), sign the CEP
    • Apply for an “Instant Overdraft” at the suggestion of MTB Bank: you only need to download the statements for the last financial year or quarter of the current year (Balance Sheet, Financial Results Report / Individual Entrepreneur Tax Return), sign the Application and receive a credit limit to your account online! If the bank has previously received financial statements under M.E.Doc/SOTA, the overdraft is issued without loading it. The process is fully automated in the MTB Office service: registration for a period of 3 months, viewing the Statement of accrued and projected interest, automatic extension for the next three-month period, subject to fulfillment of overdraft obligations (the number of extensions is unlimited), 3 working days warning regarding the amounts and terms of repayments, closing an overdraft based on the client’s online application.

    • View messages from the bank in the "Messages" menu ("call" button)

    • View in the “Reporting on M.E.doc/SOTA” menu the list of financial statements received by the bank if you send it from the M.E.Doc program or the SOTA web service using the “Send to bank” button

    • Receive notifications by email, Viber (SMS) - to contacts specified in the MTB Office service user profile.

    • expect in the 1st quarter of 2024: automatic opening of current accounts for individual entrepreneurs, automatic processing of deposits, generation of an Application for trade acquiring services.

Connect and develop your business thanks to digital technologies with MTB BANK.

Using MTB Office will simplify the exchange of legally significant documents. Now you have a range of remote services:

Service  will be regularly updated and will expand its functionality

Connection to the MTB Office service occurs automatically after successful login (authorization) of the Head of the organization / individual entrepreneur under the CEP (qualified electronic signature - file / usb token / cloud, received at the Accredited Key Certification Center).

Login via Cloud Signature has been expanded to include the list of ACCS: DepositSign, Privatbank, Vovremya, CSK Ukraine LLC, ESign, FUIB, IDD DPS.

You can receive a DepositSign Cloud Signature at bank branches. The bank and partner DepositSign launched the issuance of EPCs in Lviv, Odessa and Chornomorsk.

Attention! To login to MTB Office you need to be an existing client of the bank, Use your own KEP* of any ACCC** (the same key with which you sign reports to the tax office).
      * CEP - qualified electronic signature
      **ACSK – Accredited key certification center
      • - State Enterprise "ACTION"
      • - Information and reference department of the State Tax Service;
      • - Limited Liability Company "Key Certification Center "Ukraine";
      • - Limited Liability Company "Vremya Service" and others

The full list of operating ACCCs can be viewed at the link

Examples of the MTB Office interface


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Instant overdraft

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