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Internet banking


"Jubilee" for individuals from 05.11.18 to 28.12.18

Deposit «Express» - plus 2.5%

Package «Premium Gold» - 25 UAH per year

Package «Sea Wolf» 25 UAH per year

Package «For IT Professionals» - 25 UAH per year

"Jubilee mood" for corporate clients from 01.11.18 to 20.12.18

Ability to design several different services at the same time

Tariff package «Integrated for Corporates»  25 UAH per months

Tariff package  «Integrated for Individual Entrepreneurs» -  25 UAH per months

Preferential service «Salary Project» - 0.25%

Preferential registration and maintenance of a Corporate Card -  25 UAH months

Preferential commission on the POS-termimal - discount 25%

Card of the product "Comfort on a road" - 25 UAH.

Discount on insurance in the insurance company «INTO» - 25 %

Preferential commission on the POS-terminal