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Concierge Service

“Concierge service” is an efficient way to obtain quickly required and plausible information about transport, hotels, restaurants, car rent services and resorts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The program includes the possibility of booking the services during the travels, help in case of documents’ loss and delivery services at different places of the world.

“Concierge Service” provides the possibility of round-the-clock obtainment of information, service, legal and medical consulting. For prompt solving of daily problems, the concierge-service will always help to make the online payment for the ordered services.

In case of routine home problems’ appearance, the Concierge service will provide help – call the repairman, organize the choice of the babysitter/tutor for a kid, call the doctor, organize the delivery of medicine etc.  
A substantial advantage of the service in scopes of the program is the accompanying of drivers namely the organizing of technical support on the way, evacuation, navigation, information about the road conditions and traffic, consulting on insurance cases appearance, registration for the car service,   search for spare details, car wash, organizing of the fuel supply, change of tire, etc.

The services of “Concierge service” are delivered in various spheres, specifically business, leisure activities, family, beauty, rest, travelling, medical services, car assistance, virtual office, emergency help, general information etc.

In order to use the Concierge service, you should call 0–800-50-52-55, identify yourself as a PJSC “MTB BANK” client – tell the number of your concierge card and ask the question/make the query.
The answer on your order may be doubled in a form of the SMS, sent to your cell phone.


“Concierge Service” is delivered in the PJSC “MTB BANK” in 4 programs:  

  1. Mass– program of information support for all users on the territory of Ukraine. 
  2. World Travel– program for those, travelling abroad, which delivers information and organizational support of the user abroad.
  3. Gold– complex information, organizational and service support.  
  4. Platinum– information, consulting, organizational and service support of the program user and his family members. 


Terms of service validity:

You may join the “Concierge Service” in branches of the PJSC “MTB BANK”