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Online payments 7 days a week

Dear Customers! Due to the introduction of upgraded functionality, the work of the "7-WEEK ONLINE PAYMENT" service has been temporarily suspended.

MAKE PAYMENTS 7 DAYS A WEEK FROM 9.00 TO 20.00, weekdays from 17.30 to 20.00!

MTB BANK for its customers in the remote service systems processes payments in the national currency daily from 09.00 to 20.00 in the bank’s network. The cost of operations is determined by the current tariffs of the bank, made public on the official website, and is currently included in the cost of settlement and cash services for the current account.


  1. Bank non-working hours – weekends, holidays from 9:00 to 20:00.
  2. All corporate clients, clients of medium and small business, individual entrepreneurs, self-employed persons are served.
  3. Execution of payment documents during off-hours: electronic documents are received, obtained through the remote servicing systems of Client-Bank, Internet-Banking, which, taking into account their control (no arrest of the account, no mention in official sanction lists and confirmation of the sufficiency of funds on the account), meet the following requirements:

Sample (Russian language):

«Оплата (плата, за) ______ согласно (с-но, согл.)  договору (дог.,  счету, сч., акту, наклад) ______ НДС (не облагает)».

Sample (Ukrainian language):

«Сплата (плата, за) ______ згідно (зг., згідн., відповідно, підставі)  договору ( дог., угоди,  рахунку, рах., акту, наклад) ______ ПДВ (не оподатков)»

(additional control in order to exclude the possibility of fraud on the part of third parties / unauthorized payments)

4.   Balance changes during off-hours – electronic documents are displayed on the accounts of payers, recipients online, on the operational day “next business day”. The recipient can immediately manage the funds received.

If the payment document does not comply with the rules for off-hours, it will be processed during the bank’s working hours.

You can learn more about the service from the manager who serves you or from the bank’s call center 0-800-500-255 (free of charge throughout Ukraine).